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Although I live in the French speaking part of Belgium, I made the decision to use English for my website.
This choice is motivated by three main  reasons :

1) Multilingual maintenance is too time consuming for me
2) English makes information accessible to many more visitors around the world.
3) Very good free on-line translation tools are now available to all who are particularly efficient from English.

As my knowledge of the English language is limited, I will try as much as possible to use simple sentences and precise words.
I will ask the visitor to excuse any grammatical mistakes.


Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted silver Tuxedo fallow

An interesting Chinese painted male bird bred in my aviaries in 2022 from the following pairing:Father: US Red-breasted silver FallowMother: US Red-breasted split Fallow (carrier for the gene)This young bird is US Red-breasted silver Tuxedo Fallow, so 4 mutations on the same phenotype!Pretty pink eyes and total dilution of the colours.I let you enjoy the …

Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis). US Red-breasted cinnamon female, having male coloration on the back and tail.

Another very strange bird born in my aviaries during the breeding season of 2021.We can see those unusual blue feathers on the back and the red feathers near the tail.I am very anxious to see if this female bird will lay eggs in the near future and if I will be able to reproduce with …


I kindly would like to ask people wishing to enter in contact with me to prioritize the e-mail (or Facebook instant messaging) rather than using the phone.
I am really not a phone fanatic and mostly busy with my birds during the day.
For those both reasons I prefer to quietly read and answer to my messages in the night when all my stuff is done.

Use this email address : bbb@vingolato.be or the contact form above :

    Thank you in advance !