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Although I live in the French speaking part of Belgium, I made the decision to use English for my website.
This choice is motivated by three main  reasons :

1) Multilingual maintenance is too time consuming for me
2) English makes information accessible to many more visitors around the world.
3) Very good free on-line translation tools are now available to all who are particularly efficient from English.

As my knowledge of the English language is limited, I will try as much as possible to use simple sentences and precise words.
I will ask the visitor to excuse any grammatical mistakes.


Female Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted changing to male coloration

Another very interesting young female bird, born in my aviaries in 2021.Firstly grown with normal coloration until adulthood this female has progressively changed to a male coloration.Those pictures clearly show us the apparition of the typical “blue” male feathers and the bib drawing on remaining female background colors. Because this rare phenomenon tends to be …


I kindly would like to ask people wishing to enter in contact with me to prioritize the e-mail (or Facebook instant messaging) rather than using the phone.
I am really not a phone fanatic and mostly busy with my birds during the day.
For those both reasons I prefer to quietly read and answer to my messages in the night when all my stuff is done.

Use this email address : bbb@vingolato.be or the contact form above :

    Thank you in advance !