“Black-bib” selection project in Chinese painted quail for 2021

One of the selective projects that will be carried out during the breeding season of the year 2021 is the black-bib phenotype.
This phenomenon appeared to me on a bird I saw in a pet shop, near to my house.
I directly noticed that something was different in his bib-markings.
After a quick check from pictures contained in my mobile phone, I thought that it should be interesting to buy this bird and see if this “characteristic” could eventually be transmitted to his offspring.

The above-reported pictures I made after my return at home shows you the difference with a genetically pure wild bird of my stock.
The “special” bird is pearl and, in my opinion, he should also be carrier of two recessive mutations :
1) Silver (because of the colouration of his eyes)
2) US Red-breasted (because his breast show too many red feathers)

The bird is not from remarkable quality.
It is a young from 2020, I ignore exactly when he is born but I think he is too small and also lacks breast width.
The blue feathers are a little bit too pale in my opinion and the red feathers also are not especially “shiny”.
This “abnormal” bib may be only the result of a bad quality lineage but … from what I learned of my lessons of genetics in the time where I was breeding canaries, new varieties many times were obtained by years of selection of bad birds. (or following opposite selection to the standard)
The most recent achievement that way is the “mogno” mutation in colour canaries.
So, I will try something, and we will see…

After his quarantine period, he will be paired with a female I still have not chosen but that should more probably be a solid wild-coloured one.
I will keep this post updated about the reproductive results…