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2022/09/08Female Chinese painted quail US Red-breasted Fallow, from 2022A nice US Red-breasted Fallow hen bred in my aviaries in 2022 from a silver …Birds2022-09-08 23:46:43
2022/09/04Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted silver Tuxedo fallowAn interesting Chinese painted male bird bred in my aviaries in 2022 from the following …Birds2022-09-04 14:10:34
2022/02/14Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis). US Red-breasted cinnamon female, having male coloration on the back and tail.Another very strange bird born in my aviaries during the breeding season of 2021.We can …Birds2022-02-14 16:22:20
2022/01/15Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted female, having male feathers.Another picture of a young female of Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis) born in my …Birds2022-01-15 15:02:30
2022/01/10Female Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted changing to male colorationAnother very interesting young female bird, born in my aviaries in 2021.Firstly grown with normal …Birds2022-01-10 11:54:05
2021/04/09European quail, male (Coturnix coturnix) from breeding 2020.The under-reported pictures show you a nice male of the European quail, born in my …Birds2021-04-09 19:22:58
2021/02/17Chinese painted quail male, DF blue face brownDouble factor blue face brown, male. From my aviaries.A nice dark “chocolate-brown” bird without white …Birds2021-02-17 23:53:13
2021/02/17Chinese painted quails males, ivory color-combinationI wanted to share with you on this Website a few pictures of the first …Birds2021-02-17 22:55:33
2021/02/13An old, intensive male of Chinese painted quail, US Red-Breasted mutation.This intensive, short-feathered US Red-breasted male is now very old.I took those pictures on February …Birds2021-02-13 23:07:27
2021/02/13Female Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted brown possible ‘grey form’.The bird I am now reporting some pictures below is a female and its coloring …Birds2021-02-13 22:35:30
2021/02/13Male Chinese painted quail, US Red-Breasted brown.A breeding bird descended from a paternal line of animals having very intensely colored redbreasts. …Birds2021-02-13 21:31:39
2021/02/13A female of Chinese painted quail, (golden) pearl Fallow combination.The photos below are of a female (golden) pearl Fallow born in my aviaries in …Birds2021-02-13 21:09:38
2021/02/13Male of Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted type ‘Darth Vader’In winter, we sometimes have such cold days illuminated with a light that lends itself …Birds2021-02-13 19:07:34
2021/02/11A golden pearl female of Chinese painted quail that turned into a maleAnother example of a female Chinese painted quail changing feathers colouration:This golden pearl female is …Birds2021-02-11 21:50:27
2021/02/112 females of US Red-breasted Chinese painted quail, developing a male colourationHave a closer look at the two birds pictured below.They were two US Red-breasted females …Birds2021-02-11 21:28:37
2021/02/11Female of US Red-breasted Chinese painted quail, displaying male feathersThe under-reported pictures show a female Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis) bred in my aviaries …Birds2021-02-11 00:27:10
2021/02/10Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis) blue-face fallow from breeding season 2014.The under-reported pictures are from some young Chinese painted quail bred during the breeding season …Birds2021-02-10 23:21:23
2021/02/10Male of European quail (Coturnix coturnix) from November 2015.I share with you a few pictures I just found back on my computer of …Birds2021-02-10 22:54:09
2021/02/09“Black-bib” selection project in Chinese painted quail for 2021One of the selective projects that will be carried out during the breeding season of …Birds2021-02-09 22:19:55
2021/02/06Chinese painted quail US Red-breasted cinnamon male, bred in 2020Through the years, I selected a strain of US Red-breasted cinnamon Chinese painted quails (Coturnix …Birds2021-02-06 20:51:31
2021/02/06European wild quails, juveniles (Coturnix coturnix) from spring 2020.Three young European quails (Coturnix coturnix) from breeding pair No.6.The pictures were taken on June …Birds2021-02-06 14:17:23
2020/11/22“Dark-headed” US Red-breasted female, breed 2020After multiples generations of crossing and selection, I finally reached during this breeding season 2020, …Birds2020-11-22 22:30:26
2020/08/13European wild quails (Coturnix coturnix), breed 2020.Young European quails (a male and a female) after the first moult. Breeding season 2020.They …Birds2020-08-13 22:32:09
2020/07/14Northern bobwhite “pearl” vs “Mexican speckled” bobwhite (females)I made the under-reported pictures to clearly show you the difference between the “pearl” colour-mutation …Birds2020-07-14 23:00:35
2020/07/06Chinese painted quail female, US red-breasted cinnamonA pretty dark-coloured female of US red-breasted cinnamon Chinese painted quail.This bird is born in …Birds2020-07-06 22:38:25
2020/06/25Two golden-pearl Fallow females of the Chinese painted quail, breeding season 2020The birds above pictured are two young females of the Chinese painted quail in colour-combination …Birds2020-06-25 00:57:20
2020/06/24Young male of Chinese painted quail, red-breasted ivory FallowIn the spring of the breeding season 2020, I hatched a very pale Fallow chick …Birds2020-06-24 23:50:18
2020/06/21Chinese bamboo partridge chicks, 2020.For young birds of the Chinese bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracicus).Picture taken on: June 1st, 2020. …Chicks2020-06-21 23:54:48
2020/06/21Pearl and carriers for “Fallow” females of the Chinese Painted quailThe birds above pictured are two nicely marked females of the Chinese painted quail.They are …Birds2020-06-21 23:45:29
2020/06/21Silver chukar partridge chicks (Alectoris chukar)The birds above pictured are the first “living” chicks born in my aviaries of the …Chicks2020-06-21 23:22:27
2020/05/30Chukar partridges chicks, wild vs recessive white, May 2020Two young chicks of Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar) approx. 10 days old, born in my …Chicks2020-05-30 00:31:40
2020/05/24“Celadon” chicks of the Japanese quail again in 2020!Yes, I continue hatching more chicks of the famous eggshell-mutation “Celadon” in 2020… 16.04.2020, the …Chicks2020-05-24 22:31:27
2020/05/24Other freshly hatched chicks of pure wild Chinese painted quail, May 2020.Pure wild birds from my two original breeding pairs and from the cross between youngs …Chicks2020-05-24 22:08:34
2020/05/24Ten days old chicks of Chinese bamboo partridge, May 2020You will see below a few pictures of Chinese bamboo partridge chicks, approximately yen days …Chicks2020-05-24 21:49:31
2020/05/24Juveniles of pure Chinese painted quail, born in 2020Some juvenile of genetically pure Chinese painted quail.Those birds come from pure wild breeding pairs …Birds2020-05-24 21:22:09
2020/05/24Juveniles of harlequin quail, born in 2020Here are a few photos of some young harlequin quail born from my breeding this …Birds2020-05-24 19:32:19
2020/05/24Juveniles of European quail, born in 2020I took advantage of the last rays of the sun, this Sunday, May 24St, 2020 …Birds2020-05-24 19:15:12
2020/05/23Day old chicks of “Fallow” Chinese painted quail, born on may, 2020.These two chicks are born on May 22st, 2020.It is difficult to predict the final …Chicks2020-05-23 23:39:09
2020/03/22DF blue-face brown Chinese painted quails, breeding birds.Double factor blue-face brown Chinese painted quails (Coturnix chinensis).Breeding birds for the season 2020.My objective …Birds2020-03-22 22:06:36
2019/11/05Hybrid birds between Northern bobwhite and Masked bobwhite, 2019I firstly would like to precise that the below-pictured birds were not bred in my …Birds2019-11-05 22:04:44
2019/10/22Mutant F1 hybrid between Japanese quail and African Harlequin quailF1-bird at 45 days of age produced by the crossing of a ‘Sparkley’ mutant male …Birds2019-10-22 01:16:26
2019/10/21“Celadon” Japanese quail eggs, year 2019Picture taken on October 21th, 2019 12Eggs2019-10-21 23:48:05
2019/10/15Day-old chicks of pure wild Chinese painted quailBorn on October 14th, 2019Probably the last four chicks of this breeding season. 123Chicks2019-10-15 22:11:14
2019/10/10Harlequin quail chicks, October 2019There are three African harlequin quail chicks (Coturnix delegorguei) born a little bit late in …Chicks2019-10-10 23:23:16
2019/10/10Jungle bush quail chicks, born in 201915 young chicks of Jungle bush quail (Perdicla asiatica) born on October 7th, 2019.They were …Chicks2019-10-10 23:09:11
2019/09/30Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted brown (cinnamon) femaleIn the series of brown birds, the palette of shades is really very wide.This is …Birds2019-09-30 00:16:28
2019/09/30A particularly dark Chinese painted US Red-breasted silver female born in 2019I regret that the bird had not already completed his moult when I toke those …Birds2019-09-30 00:05:36
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted ivory male, bred in 2019.This is a combination of three recessive mutations together:1) US Red-breasted2) Silver3) Brown (cinnamon)It was …Birds2019-09-29 23:41:41
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted tuxedo fallow femaleThis is the only one og this colour-combination I have bred untill now…I just regret …Birds2019-09-29 23:32:36
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail, 2 males US-Redbreasted fallow variegated born in 2019I don’t so often share pictures of variegated birds (except for Tuxedo’s) because I try …Birds2019-09-29 02:04:13
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted male bred in 2019A nice colored male of the US Red-breasted mutation born in my aviaries during the …Birds2019-09-29 01:47:36
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail, US Red-breasted ivory female, bred in 2019The bird above pictured is a US Red-breasted ivory female, born in 2019.Ivory is the …Birds2019-09-29 01:34:09
2019/09/29Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted silver, bred in 2019A very nice US Red-breasted silver male born during the breeding season 2019.You clearly can …Birds2019-09-29 01:23:04
2019/09/25Comparison between African blue quail (Coturnix adansonii) and Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis)The males of the African blue quail (Coturnix adansonii) are quite easy to distinguish from …Articles2019-09-25 01:00:23
2019/09/24Male Chinese painted quail blue-faced, bred in 2018.The bird above pictured show what I consider to be the best expression of the …Birds2019-09-24 00:06:19
2019/09/23Chinese painted quail female, silver pearl fallow, bred in 2019.Honestly, it is the first one I ever have bred with this colour-combination and I …Birds2019-09-23 23:27:16
2019/09/23Chinese painted quail male, silver fallow, born in 2019A young male showing us another nice colour-combination: silver + fallow.I let you enjoy.The pictures …Birds2019-09-23 23:07:59
2019/09/23Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted silver fallow, born in 2019.Another stunning bird born in my aviaries in 2019, with the combination of three recessive …Birds2019-09-23 22:53:24
2019/09/23Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted fallow, born in 2019.I remember that I really struggled so hard before I finally got this gene in …Birds2019-09-23 22:37:16
2019/09/23White recessive fallow Chinese painted quail male, born in 2019This is now my second year breeding solid recessive white fallow birds.After a long selection …Birds2019-09-23 01:20:13
2019/09/23A genetically pure male of Chinese painted quail, bred 2019.Young male born in 2019 from one of my two breeding pairs of pure wild …Birds2019-09-23 01:02:29
2019/09/19Jungle bush quail eggs (Perdicula asiatica)A few eggs of Jungle bush quail (Perdicula asiatica).Put into the incubator on September 19 …Eggs2019-09-19 00:13:08
2019/09/09Chinese painted quail, brown pearl maleBrown pearl male with the typical ‘White cap’, born in the breeding season 2012.The pearl …Birds2019-09-09 21:58:42
2019/09/09First hybrid chick between Japanese quail and Harlequin quailThe pictures reported hereunder represents a day old chick resulting from the crossing between 1-0 …Chicks2019-09-09 10:23:05
2019/09/05Chinese painted quail males, Wild-coloured Fallow Pearl, born in 2014Combination of 1 recessive mutation and 1 dominant mutation on the same bird:* Fallow (Pink …Birds2019-09-05 22:14:24
2019/09/03Freshly hatched Chukar partridge chicks (Alectoris chukar) in thermo-controlled maternity.Approximately 40 chicks of Chukar partridge just removed from the hatcher and put in growing …Chicks2019-09-03 22:35:22
2019/09/03September 2019, European quail (Coturnix coturnix) breeding cages before the ending of the breeding season for this species.True “wild” European quails (Coturnix coturnix) don’t lay so many eggs during the breeding season …Facilities2019-09-03 22:09:01
2019/09/03Chukar partridge eggs on incubating traySeptember 2th, 2019.A few 88 eggs more of Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar) put into the …Eggs2019-09-03 21:24:15
2019/09/03Male of Madagascar partridge (Margaroperdix madagascarensis)Male alone after the sudden and unexpected death of his female during the spring of …Birds2019-09-03 00:23:43
2019/08/29Outside laying cages installations overviewI have some outdoor breeding cage-blocks which are sheltered from rain and drafts while being …Facilities2019-08-29 02:15:54
2019/08/29Half-sider Chinese painted quail male, bred in 2013In the year 2013, I raised a half-sider male of Chinese painted quail (Coturnix Chinensis).The …Birds2019-08-29 01:05:21
2019/08/28Harlequin quail x European quail hybrids, young birds 2 months oldLook how the hybrids look like after 2 months, really stunning! 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627 Here a few …Birds2019-08-28 23:30:00
2019/08/27Comparison between Chinese painted quail chicks : US Red-breasted and US Red-breasted “Fallow”April 28th, 2013. A good picture is sometimes better than much explanations ! See how …Chicks2019-08-27 00:58:11
2019/08/27Big hatching of Japanese quail chicks, 2019Chicks born on February 24th, 2019 123Chicks2019-08-27 00:30:58
2019/08/26“Sparkley” mutation of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica), young birds bred in 2019Heredity of the gene is dominant.The pictures were taken in my “Photo-Studio” on February 16th, …Birds2019-08-26 00:01:08
2019/08/25Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis), Black-breasted males.Firsts specimens ever seen of “Black-breasted” males, those pictures were taken on May, 2014, then, …Birds2019-08-25 00:11:22
2019/08/24Chinese painted quail male, mutation US Red-breasted silver “Graukopf”In tribute to my excellent friend, the german breeder Norbert K.J. GEISSLER from Konstanz who …Birds2019-08-24 23:37:28
2019/08/24Chinese painted quail male, mutation US Red-breasted, typ “Darth vader”I have very often noticed that the term “Darth vader” is misused for ordinary male …Birds2019-08-24 23:16:31
2019/08/24A few young “Fallow” Chinese painted quails bred in 20191234567891011121314151617181920 Recessive white Fallow males, bred 2019 1234567Birds2019-08-24 22:58:18
2019/08/24Chinese bamboo partridges (Bambusicola thoracicus), young birds born in 2019Two young birds that are born early in season 2019.Sex still unknown at this time. …Birds2019-08-24 22:38:11
2019/08/24Jungle bush quails (Perdicula asiatica), breeding pairMale displays a white/black barred chest.Hen is all red.They are always very nervous birds, even …Birds2019-08-24 22:17:35
2019/08/24European quail (Coturnix coturnix), some breeding birds (2019)A few pictures of some breeding birds in season 2019. 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425Birds2019-08-24 01:04:29
2019/08/23Pure wild Chinese painted quails (Coturnix chinensis) breeding pairs, 2019Since a few years I had anymore of them, and it was very difficult to …Birds2019-08-23 00:37:26
2019/08/22Harlequin quail (Coturnix delegorguei) breeding birds, 2019Male 123456789 Female 12345678910111213Birds2019-08-22 23:15:42
2019/08/22Japanese quail chick born 2019 with a very unusual colourationOne day chick, born on June 1st, 2019Marked with special colour foot ring to recognize …Chicks2019-08-22 22:51:37
2019/08/21Chinese painted quail male, US Red-breasted Fallow, variegated born in 2019.The pictures were taken on May 7th, 2019 12345678910Birds2019-08-21 23:47:28
2019/08/21Arabian partridges (Alectoris melanocephala) breeding pair 2019Breeding pair for breeding season 2019, the pictures were taken on February 3th, 2019 123Birds2019-08-21 23:30:23
2019/08/21Comparison between wild-coloured Japanese quail and wild-coloured “Sparkley” Japanese quail, malesOn these photos of adult males taken on July 24th, 2019, we can very clearly …Birds2019-08-21 23:23:13
2019/08/21Brown mutation of the Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar), breeding pairFemale 1234567 Male 12345678Birds2019-08-21 23:00:07
2019/08/21Harlequin quail x European quail hybrids chicks, born June 2019Successful hybridization between a pure male of harlequin quail (Coturnix delegorguei) and a pure female …Chicks2019-08-21 22:29:27
2019/08/21Rain quail, breeding male (Coturnix coromandelica)12345678910Birds2019-08-21 22:00:20
2019/08/21Wild-coloured and recessive white Chukar partridge chicks comparison (Alectoris chukar)Day-old chicks, the pictures were taken on June 23th, 2019. 12345 2 weeks old chicks. …Chicks2019-08-21 10:48:57
2019/08/20California valley quail chicks (Callipepla californica), born on 2019Born June 23th, 2019 123Chicks2019-08-20 23:58:51
2019/08/20Recessive white chukar partridges chicks (Alectoris chukar) born on 2019Approx. 2 weeks old young recessive white Chukar partridges (Alectoris chukar). The pictures was taken …Chicks2019-08-20 23:52:03
2019/08/20Chicks comparison between Alectoris chukar and Alectoris rufa speciesChicks born on the 2019, approx. 2 weeks old.The difference is very significative at the …Chicks2019-08-20 23:41:35
2019/08/20Red-legged partridge chicks (Alectoris rufa) born on 201912345Chicks2019-08-20 23:32:11
2019/08/20Grey partridge chicks (Perdix perdix) born on the year 2019Born July 11th, 2019 123456 Born August 18th, 2019 1234567Chicks2019-08-20 23:24:54
2019/08/20Well, most of the Crested bobwhites (Colinus cristatus) have disappeared …In the same vein of one my previous posts about the rain quail (Coturnix coromandelica) …Articles2019-08-20 23:12:56
2019/08/20Young pure wild Chinese painted quails (Coturnix chinensis) born in 2019See below a few pictures of some genetically pure wild Chinese painted quails (Coturnix chinensis), …Birds2019-08-20 22:33:06
2019/08/20Head and breast difference between European, rain and harlequin quailsI wanted for a long time making this picture,clearly showing the significant differences between three …Birds2019-08-20 12:17:56
2019/08/20Development and building of my own breeding cages for Chinese painted quails (Coturnix chinensis)Because I could find nothing on the market that was really suitable for raising small …Facilities2019-08-20 00:37:53
2019/08/19The market truly invaded by a lot of rain quail (Coturnix coromandelica) in Belgium and in the Netherlands …Well, what happened ?I remember that in Belgium and in the Netherlands a few years …Articles2019-08-19 23:23:22
2019/08/195 months old female of “Celadon” Japanese quailOut of the only 5 fertile “Celadon” eggs I received from the U.S.A. I hatched …Birds2019-08-19 21:58:53
2019/08/192nd generation of “Celadon” Japanese quail chicksChicks born in my aviaries on June 2th, 2019. 123456789 Chicks born in my aviaries …Chicks2019-08-19 01:15:59
2019/08/19“Celadon” Japanese quail chicks born out the USA-imported eggs :30 eggs arrived from the U.S.A. to me and finally 5 chicks hatched but it …Chicks2019-08-19 01:06:10
2019/08/19First eggs of the “Celadon” mutation of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) laid in my aviaries in 201906.05.2019 First “Celadon” eggs laid in my aviaries from birds born out the USA-Imported eggs …Eggs2019-08-19 00:53:13
2019/08/19Importation from the U.S.A of eggs of the “Celadon” mutation of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)It was as usual not easy to do that, but a few eggs of the …Eggs2019-08-19 00:46:33
2019/08/18Day-old chicks of Blue scaled quail (Callipepla squamata)Born 23.06.2019 123 Born 18.08.2019 123456Chicks2019-08-18 14:04:37
2019/08/16Day-old chicks of wild European quail (Coturnix coturnix)See below some pictures of pure European migratory quail (Coturnix coturnix) bred in my aviaries …Chicks2019-08-16 11:22:14
2019/08/16First 4 Blue scaled quails (Callipepla squamata) bred in 2019See below a few pictures of the first 4 chicks of Blue scaled quail (Callipepla …Birds2019-08-16 11:11:21
2019/08/16Selection of true “Jumbo” Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)A little everywhere in Belgium and abroad I saw appear advertisements and/or publications of breeders …Eggs2019-08-16 10:54:55
2019/08/16Chinese bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracicus) chicksFirst chick of Chinese bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracicus) born in my aviaries in 2019 : …Chicks2019-08-16 01:37:51
2019/08/15Chinese painted quail (Coturnix chinensis) block of breeding cagesThis breeding cage facility makes it possible to hold up to 54 trio’s of Chinese …Facilities2019-08-15 23:59:52
2019/08/15European quail (Coturnix coturnix) breeding cagesTake a look at my 18 breeding cages for wild European quail (Coturnix coturnix). Still …Facilities2019-08-15 10:57:29
2019/08/15Barred buttonquail (Turnix suscitator) breeding boxesSee below some pictures of the boxes I developed for Barred buttonquail (Turnix suscitator) These …Facilities2019-08-15 01:23:43
2019/08/14Let’s go!My new website is officially launched today 14.08.2019 After a lot of unsuccessful attempts, I …Unclassified2019-08-14 13:46:20