Hybrid birds between Northern bobwhite and Masked bobwhite, 2019

I firstly would like to precise that the below-pictured birds were not bred in my aviaries but well bought from another breeder.
They normally should have been pure specimens of the Masked bobwhite (Colinus virginianus ridgwayi) but a quick 5 seconds examination confirmed that there is without any doubt blood of Northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) mixed inside…
I have no idea how much %, F1 or F2? and the exact mating(s) done…



This is a little “head comparison” collage I made of the two pure species and my “hybrid” bird in the middle… I think it helps to understand better!

From left to right: Masked bobwhite, hybrid, Northern bobwhite

It is quite difficult to determine how much % blood of common Northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) is present in the genotype of those hybrid birds but, in my opinion, the breeder crossed more that one time …
I will not try to make the same collage with female heads because the difference is most on the back for hens.

Let’s go!

My new website is officially launched today 14.08.2019
After a lot of unsuccessful attempts, I set up a system for automatic replication of the content to my Facebook page.
This allows my Facebook followers to be directly notified when new publications are posted on the website.
In the coming days, I will work hard to put online hundreds of pictures and videos taken during the past months which, for lack of time, have never been shared with anyone …
We have a lot of time to catch up, I promise you … great exclusives!