Coturnix japonica

Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

Big hatching of Japanese quail chicks, 2019: HERE
Selection of true “Jumbo” Japanese quail, choosing the right eggs: HERE

Importation from the U.S.A of eggs of the “Celadon” mutation: HERE
Chicks born out the USA-imported “Celadon” eggs: HERE
First eggs of the “Celadon” mutation laid in my aviaries: HERE
5 months old female of “Celadon” Japanese quail: HERE
The second generation of “Celadon” chicks born in my aviaries: HERE
“Celadon” Japanese quail eggs, year 2019: HERE
“Celadon” chicks born during the breeding season 2020: HERE

parkley” mutation of the Japanese quail, young birds bred in 2019: HERE
Comparison between wild-coloured Japanese quail and wild-coloured Sparkley Japanese quail, males: HERE

Japanese quail chick born 2019 with a very unusual colouration: HERE