Electronic Egg Heart Monitor

In 2019, I introduced a piece of new equipment in my breeding installations: an electronic egg heart monitor!
While my egg candling lamp had broken down at the end of the 2019 breeding season, the opportunity was offered to me by a very good friend breeder to test the electronic egg heart monitor ‘Buddy MKII’ produced by the English company ‘Avitronics’.
The material allows you to check the fertility of every kind of eggs, but it also allows you to check the development and the vitality of the already incubated eggs.

Personal review:
The case is well designed, solid, and easy to use.
The results on the screen are clear and reliable.
I think that the “Buddy MKII” monitoring is a very interesting accessory for:
• Dark-shelled eggs that can not be candled through the traditional way.
• Check the vital state of embryos that are lagging behind.
• Check some “control” eggs in a brood.

However, to check a large number of eggs, the operation of opening the case, placing the egg, sometimes having to change its position (for small eggs), and then waiting for the result on the screen is too long.
The candling with a high-power LED lamp is really much faster.
The “Buddy” is, in my opinion, a very interesting accessory to have in but does not completely replace the candling lamp.
I think these are two tools to have simultaneously!