Genetics applied to bird mating

I studied genetics applied to the breeding of colour-canaries.
Evening lessons were dispended by a national and international colour-canary judge, member of the Belgian technical committee: Mr DEMELENNE André.

These lessons were organized in the premises of the club “Le Rossignol Mosan”.
We studied the genetics applied to canaries according to the principles, the names and the genetic symbols of the reference works of Mr Vercam and Mrs Annie FILLEUL.
I followed them assiduously, and with great pleasure, for several years until our teacher, for lack of new students, had to resolve to put an end to it.
Indeed, the last people who were still attending classes had become, after several years of replaying the loop course, as good as … the teacher himself!
Genetics was then well mastered by all of us so the last lessons had become an opportunity to meet with friends breeders and discuss the latest new mutations that appeared in the colour canaries.

It was a happy time, I learned a lot and it helped me so much in my breeding that I could never thank enough my teacher for whom I have the greatest esteem and the greatest friendship.

Book of Vercam :
“Manuel Technique Des Canaris Couleurs”, Annie FILLEUL ( ISBN: 9783376629730)