PCR-based sex determination

“Polymerase chain reaction amplified markers” for bird sexing,
is according to me the actually best and more reliable technique to determine the sex of birds.

In the past, I worked with European laboratories using old sex-determination techniques. For rare or unknown species, it was necessary to previously provide the laboratory with a sample of feathers (or blood) from a sure male bird and a sure female bird to be able to sex that species.
Without these two initial samples, it was not possible to sex a new bird species…
It was sometimes annoying because we did not always have a certain couple when it came to rare birds.

With the new PCR amplification method, any bird species can be sexed with reliability close to 99.9% and without any starting sample required! More information: HERE
Currently, not all laboratories are working with the new method as this requires some investment.

Since the year 2018, all my feather samples are sent and analysed in Portugal through MorinhaLab.
I am very satisfied with the great service and the rapidity to get the sexing results. It costs exactly 3€ for each sexing.
Private breeders can not deal directly with this laboratory and must use the services of an intermediate agent: Mr Jacinto ALMEIDA SILVA.
I can provide the documents and the procedure to anyone who is interested.