Well, most of the Crested bobwhites (Colinus cristatus) have disappeared …

In the same vein of one my previous posts about the rain quail (Coturnix coromandelica) that had become very rare here a few years ago (HERE),
last year, I was astonished to realize that practically no breeders in Belgium and in the Netherlands still had Crested bobwhites (Colinus cristatus).
In parallel to that, there were people again who were looking like crazy to buy a maximum of these birds, at any price …
I saw a lot of advertisements on the well known dutch website of birds-ads and on Facebook-groups also.

A very good friend of mine, who raised practically all kind of quails and partridges for over forty years in the small town of Hannut and who is recognized as an international judge of ornithology, specialized in ground birds and doves/pigeons, has bred them for several years. But he got few chicks because the fertility rate of its breeding pairs, especially in the last years he kept them, was very low.
I still remember very clearly those pink-spotted eggs when I went to visit him from time to time and those birds that were very beautiful but as I remember, a little bit nervous too.
I also remember that we sold some birds to Flemish breeders and also shipped some eggs to U.S.A but at this time this species of quails did not really make people dream, well they did not unleash the passions if I can say it like that.
Then, his age and the disease caused that the friend had to strongly reduce his breeding and the number of species in his aviaries.
I should have bought some birds by my friend before because when I was decided, it was too late, they were already all away !
In 2017 I tried to contact the persons we had sold birds but none of them had any more.
By chance I saw a few ones by someone in 2018 in the Netherlands but I honestly must say that were really dwarf birds, the smallest I have ever seen in my life.

Do you want that I tell it to you?
Personally, I have the impression that the “smart guys” I’m talking about from time to time have smelled a lucrative juicy plan and that, as if by magic, in the near future, we’ll see quantities again of birds of this species for sale on the bird-ads websites …