Half-sider Chinese painted quail male, bred in 2013

In the year 2013, I raised a half-sider male of Chinese painted quail (Coturnix Chinensis).
The first and only of this species I ever have seen in my life.
I write “half-sider” and “not bilateral gynandromorph” because it showed male mutations on both sides, and not a male side and a female side like common gynandromorphic animals.
It is so that all gynandromorphs are half-sider but not all half-sider are gynandromorph!

Right side: US Red-breasted, male phenotype
Left side: Blue-faced, male phenotype.
He was also a carrier of the “Fallow” gene.
Genetically speaking, we are in presence of a dominant Blue-faced male bird that is a carrier for two recessive genes: Red-breasted and Fallow and where the red-breasted gene appear in the phenotype although it should not be the case.

The bird was photographed on September 24th, 2013